Leveraging Your Website Design Options For Improved UI

One of the most important components of a website is the theme. The theme is actually the foundation of the website. It is the theme that tells the structure, layout, and design of the website. The theme shapes the user experience of the website. This is the reason you have to make critical decisions before outsourcing your white label web development.

How To Choose A Website Theme

In choosing a theme, many things have to be considered because to a large extent, the theme is going to affect your user experience. In the website market today, there are thousands of themes available from different developers. There are free or paid themes, premium or custom themes. Before making any theme decision, keep the user experience and your brand in mind.

The purpose of your business website is to generate leads, sales and revenue for your business. To achieve this goal, the website must provide an excellent user experience. It must take the shape and form that makes it easy for people to relate with your business. The following entail how your theme affects user experience.

Visual Appeal

When a user lands on your website, the first thing they see is your header, images, design and content. To make sure your theme provides a great user experience, you must make sure that the website immediately grabs the attention of the users through sexy designs with attractive visual elements that makes them to stay a little longer.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile phones are dominating the digital device market. Today, many people connect with their family and friends on social media, conduct searches on Google and read articles through their mobile phones. Mobile phones are now becoming the most important device for most people. Therefore, your theme must be mobile responsive, friendly and provide amazing user experience for people using mobile to connect with your website.

Loading Speed

Speed is very important when it comes to user experience. Attention span online is very short. You either grab a potential customer’s attention in 60 seconds or it’s gone. If your website loads slowly, guess what the user would do? He or she would move away from your website and go to your competitor’s site to get what he or she wants. Why? Your theme sucks!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

There are several browsers today. While Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer may be the popular browsers people use, there are several others as well. To make sure that your website provides a great user expiring make sure the theme has a good cross-browser compatibility. Looking for a local website with premium or custom themes that provide electrifying user experience? Learn more about our themes here: https://thedigitalswarm.com.

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