How to Resell White Label Websites

You can think of a white label website like a ghostwritten story—you get the credit while someone else does the work. If you offer website-related services to your clients such as content creation, graphic design, search engine optimization, and so on, but not website creation, you’re missing out a huge opportunity.

It’s no secret that businesses need websites, but did you know that website design is a nearly 100-billion-dollar market with less than 75 percent of agencies offering website solutions?

The Digital Swarm’s white label website design team lets you add services to your clients without having to invest in an entirely new staff, equipment, or training. You can offer a one-stop shop for your client’s website needs without employing a single coder.

Wondering how reselling white label sites can benefit you, and what it really entails?

Why Reselling White Label Websites Might Be for You

We can all agree that websites are an integral part of any business, big or small. They allow business owners to provide customers with pertinent information, an easy contact method, and in many cases even a purchasing avenue.

The problem is while websites are in demand, along with their maintenance, few agencies offer this service.  This is where white-label website solutions come into play. A white label website is one created by a third-party, and then marketed and sold by a reseller—perhaps you—at their own price point to business clients.

Essentially the advantages of white label services are similar to specialization in your own company. If building websites is all a company does, they’re bound to not only be efficient at it but also quite skilled. This often means turning out more websites than one company can effectively market creating the need for a middleman.

When you chose to be that middleman, a reseller, the white label website company benefits by moving their product, you benefit by acquiring a new product without the cost of production, and the end client enjoys the convenience of working with a single company for all their website needs. It’s a win all around.

How to Find Websites to Resell

Of course, the first step in selling websites is finding a supplier. While we certainly would love to have you as a client, our priority is that you make an informed choice when selecting a white label website provider.  A quality company will:

  • Share your goals – One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating a partnership with a company whose goals and vision don’t align with yours.
  • Have a reputation to back up their claims – Be wary of big promises with no proof. A good white label website creator should have a glowing service record from verified clients.
  • Let you test drive their service – Beyond reputation, the company you select should offer transparent contract terms, allow you to see examples of their previous work in action, and offer unlimited revision requests. Your project shouldn’t be considered complete until you’re fully satisfied your client will love it.

How to Sell White Label Websites

As the white label website creation process often begins with a client, after finding a reliable supplier, finding a client is your next step.

While that may sound easy, selling a website isn’t quite the same as selling, say, a computer, where the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting. There is a level of uncertainty involved in buying a custom website. Your potential client, whether new to you or existing, needs reasonable justification to trust that a new site will benefit their business. Your sales pitch, then, should focus on just that—how a new website can benefit their company.

Naturally, this may vary by the client in question, but some frequent advantages of a custom website include:

Increased trust and accessibility- If your client doesn’t already have a site, you want to emphasize what having a website can do for a company. Some solid points include increasing customer trust (all real companies have a website these days after all), better accessibility as clients can find contact information, etc. in one spot, and finally, the potential for online sales and support.

Customized design- If your client already has a website, it’s better to focus on what a new custom site could offer. For instance, a custom website allows your client to create something unique, and unique tends to stand out for customers. A custom design also allows for better control of branding, functionality, and more.

Better optimization – Search engine optimization starts in the framework of a website. Speed, layout, mobile responsiveness and more can all affect how a website ranks, and speed, in particular, can also make or break a website in terms of conversion. A load time over three seconds is considered a death blow, for example. Custom websites allow extra attention to be paid to all the above.

You’ll also need to dispel common misconceptions that have grown around the creation of custom websites. Thanks to the rise of less-than-reputable freelancers, some clients may be concerned that once their website is done, they’ll be stuck with a site they don’t know how to maintain or, worse, they’ll pay for a site they don’t like. Be sure to relay that your website comes with support and unlimited revisions.

This is also an excellent time to upsell. Will that support include just teaching your client how to use the new site or actual maintenance by you? Offering ongoing services with a website sale is an excellent way to ensure your customers come to you for services in the future while making more of a single sale.

What If the Business Already Has a Website?

While we touched briefly on marketing websites to those who already have one above, it also helps to do some research on their current website before making your pitch.

Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the key elements necessary for their visitors to have a positive experience. Discovering their site’s weak points and offering solutions to those issues is the best way to make a sale. Look for ways to not only improve what they have but new options that could add as well.

After Selling a White Label Website

Alright, now assuming you have yourself a sale. What comes next? Now you need to have an initial consultation with your customer to understand not only what they need but want.

You want to explore both big issues, such as the core functions they want their website to include, and small, such as desired colors, logos, or branding. In cases, you may find your client really doesn’t know—and that’s OK. Your goal is simply to find out what they do know they want along with their expectations of those wants.

Taking Your Sale to Your Creation Company

Once you understand all you can about your client’s needs, it’s time to take that information to your selected white label website supplier. Generally, the website creation process involves three phases:

Initial Consultation-
Much like the consultation with your client, this is the step where you share all you learned with the creative company. If you trust your provider, you can even streamline this process by having your selected company be part of the first consultation with your client.

Website creation- Next, the white label provider will actually build the website. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to view it before it goes live. This allows you to likewise share that final product with your client and explore the need—if any—for revisions or additions. It’s important that this process is undergone before the site is live.

The website is taken live- The final step is simply to take the site live. At this point, there’s always a trial period where any bumps are ironed out, and your client will need some support getting to know the basic functions of their new site.

If you haven’t already, this final step is another great opportunity to address ongoing services. Be sure expectations on both sides are made clear.

That’s it

As you can see reselling white label websites isn’t a highly complicated process, but it does help to know what you’re getting yourself into—we hope we’ve done a thorough job helping you know.

The Digital Swarm specializes in offering white label website design for business owners looking to get into reselling white label sites. We offer several optional benefits to our website creation services such as local search engine optimization, maintenance packages, and custom themes. We’d love to help you expand your product offerings, build a loyal customer base, and increase your income in the process.

If you’re looking for a partner to reliably produce high-quality white label websites, contact us today for a consultation.