On 22nd May, Divi released one of their biggest updates in a while. According to Divi official’s website, the update is supposed to be filled with great UI adjustments, hundreds of new settings, quality of life improvements and a lot of more.  This could significantly improve your white label web design business in terms of the quality offering. The updated options is called Options Harmony version 2 release and is more geared towards a more user-friendly and cohesive web design experience. We are going to dissect the new and improved features with the new update.

Options Between Groups

The update has ensured that there are no gaps in the Divi modules where the options were missing. Other than the new design settings to Divi, there is also consistency across the different modules. Divi has made sure to get rid of the frustration of not always having the options list when working with different modules.

Full Text Settings

There are additional text editing options for all the modules. This option was previously available for text module but can now be found any module that contains text content. There are also a ton of options for the editing lists, block quotes, and editing anchor links.

New Image Options

There is now full range image design options that were previously only limited to the image module and a few select modules. The new feature also includes box shadow, border, and border radius filter option.

New Field and Button Options

There are new margin and padding options for any module that contains button elements and input fields. The new feature makes it easier to adjust the sub spacing. What this means is the buttons can now be fully customized within contact forms and sliders the same way you’d style individual button module. There was a challenge with design consistency because of the lack of accurate spacing.

Options Between Parent and Child Modules

Not only are there new group options, but Divi has also harmonized the existing options between the child and the parent modules. This means that when you customize the sub-element, you can still get the design settings for both the child and the parent module. This option was previously not available.

Responsive Editing

You can now get responsive editing for all options, how cool is that? This is one of the most exciting changes with the new Divi update.  Responsive editing can be found in every Divi module. Before the editing, responsive editing was only limited to certain options. According to Divi, this was unexpected and arbitrary. Adding responsive setting to hundreds of options give you more control of the design of the process.

More Powerful Features

The update also features an improved UI which brings out some of Divi’s most powerful features accessible to everyone. There are different Copy Paste styles and options. Find and Replace actions can also be performed across different functions. For more information on design, you can check out https://thedigitalswarm.com/

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